The Problem With Black Hair Stylists

No matter where I have resided – which for the record, is five cities in five different geographical locations, or which Black hair stylist I have patronized – and there have been many – the problem is universal: They are poor managers of time and of clients.  Let me explain.  

When a client makes an appointment for a service, the hair stylist determines how much time the service in question should take on the basis of learned experience and industry standards.  However, it seems that Black hair stylists, for the most part, either haven’t acquired this knowledge, fail to use it, or, a combination of the two.

What do I mean when I say that Black hair stylists are poor managers of time and clients?

1.  They arrive to the salon behind schedule, thereby forcing clients to wait, thereby putting themselves and their clients behind schedule.

2.  They take walk-ins, which impact the clients who have made bona fide appointments for their respective services.

3.  Clients show up late – sometimes up to an hour or more late.  However, they take them anyway, which, again, impacts the clients who have made bona fide appointments for their respective services.

4.  They allow clients to add on services for which they did not mention when they initially made their appointments, which, yet again, impacts the clients who have made bona fide appointments  for their respective services.

White hair stylists, as a rule, do not:

1. Run behind schedule.  They truly understand that time is, in fact, money. If I have had to wait, it was no more than 15 minutes, and those occasions have been extremely rare.

2. Take clients who are behind schedule.  Such clients are told they need to re-schedule their appointments.

3.  Allow clients to add services in the 11th hour.  If you signed up for a cut and color, then, you need to make another appointment for that perm.

4.  Take walk-ins.  One wants a service? Then, one makes an appointment.

Thus the reason I prefer Black male barbers, as opposed to Black hair stylists, whether they be male or female. Black male barbers cut clients’ hair on a first-come, first-serve basis, and they won’t cut hair if they don’t have time to do so.

I have yet to encounter a Black hair stylist who is a true businessperson.  But, I know he or she is out there, somewhere.

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2 thoughts on “The Problem With Black Hair Stylists

  1. girllllll (hope you can hear the southern drawl on this one), I didn’t know it was the same everywhere! About a year before I decided to go natural, I decided to NO LONGER spend my money at Black Beauty shops because the service was horrible. I relaxed and styled my own hair and went to white salons for cuts. I found that it was cheaper and exactly what you mentioned. If you made an appt they stuck to it and if you walked in and they couldn’t take you, they’d say no. My friends say they love the time they spend in the beauty shop, its 4 hours of relaxation. For me, after 2nd hour, I felt like I was having an anxiety attack. Sitting various chairs being unproductive for that long drove me CRAZY! And at some point people get tired of hearing “the gospel of Black life.” I won’t use this forum to discuss how the stylists don’t listen to you, but automatically assume that you will come back.

    One of my friends is in beauty school and keeps begging me to get service with her. I’m scared she’s learning the bad habits that a lot of Black Stylists have and if she were to mess up my curl pattern or put drying products on my hair, I’d have a fit. The visit just wouldn’t be relaxing because of the fear and having to watch her EVERY move. My natural hair has taken a lot of work and loving care and I can’t mess up what took a year and 1/2 to get.

    Sorry for the rant,I think I just needed to get all of that out!

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