About Me

I am a teacher, a writer, a presenter and, a facilitator and coach.  I have been teaching since 1996, and a Critical Friends Group® coach and facilitator since 2014.

I began blogging in December, 2006. For several years, I wrote about my frustrations with students, colleagues, administrators.  So, blogging at that time was quite cathartic. I then created a second blog, and wrote for several years about teaching Spanish/foreign language. From there, I began to write about race and social issues. But, that sort of writing made me angry and depressed. That, combined with having to argue with ignorant trolls drawn to my blog space comment section, made me even angrier and more depressed. By nature, I am not an angry person. To the contrary: I am a happy and upbeat person. But, I cannot lie: Writing about race and social issues gets one a lot of blog hits. Eventually, blogging with any degree of consistency became a formidable challenge; it was no longer enjoyable.

Given the plethora of blogs about teaching Spanish/foreign language, and blogs about race and social issues, I have decided to focus on sharing my perspectives and experiences about classroom teaching and teacher leadership. Of course, there will be occasional posts about everyday living, too.