I have been blogging since December 2006.  Initially, I needed a place and a space to vent about my struggles and frustrations as a teacher of color at an independent school. In fact, I am a 20-year career language teacher, having spent all of those years in independent schools – four to be exact.

Although I still encounter my share of struggles and frustrations, and continue to vent occasionally, writing via a blog allows me to reflect, to share, to learn, and to grow as an educator, and, as a human being.

I consider myself something of a renaissance woman; my skills and interests span a wide range.  I enjoy teaching and learning in all of its forms.

This blog began as a teaching blog, and more specifically, a blog about teaching Spanish as a foreign language.  As time progressed, my desire to write about a variety of topics far exceeded the discussion of foreign language teaching, and of teaching in general. Thus, the topics of this blog are very eclectic. My interests involve the intersection of education and teaching with race, gender, socio-economics, and history.   Professionally, I am interested in culturally responsive pedagogy, and thoughtful leadership.

I write from the perspective of a Black woman who is the daughter of Depression-era, Jim Crow-era, War-era, pre-Civil Rights era southern parents. My thoughts are borne of daily lived experiences, in and out of the classroom.