This blog began as a teaching blog, and more specifically, a blog about teaching Spanish as a foreign language.  As time progressed, my desire to write about a variety of topics far exceeded the discussion of foreign language teaching, and of teaching in general. Thus, the topics of this blog became very eclectic. My interests involve the intersection of education and teaching with race, gender, language, and socioeconomics.  Professionally, I am interested in diversity responsive pedagogy, thoughtful leadership, and stirring creativity and intellectual curiosity for students and for educators.

Writing via a blog allows me to reflect, to share, to learn, and to grow as an educator, and, as a human being. I consider myself something of a renaissance woman; my skills and interests span a wide range.  I enjoy teaching and learning in all of its forms. My goal as an educator is to transform teaching and learning, one classroom group of students at a time. Along the way, I will continue to pursue my truth along my journey.  Because I still believe, and therefore, I still care, in what should be.

I have been blogging since December 2006.  After eight years, I arrived at a decision on 4 January 2015:  I decided to write about the things that are truly meaningful to me, whether professional or personal, whether educational or sociological.  Call it an awakening, an epiphany, a realization.  Whatever it is, I have decided to make 2015 my year.  Hopefully, what I write will prove meaningful to others as well.