Diggro P1 กีฬาสมาร์ทบลูทูธสร้อยข้อมือความดันโลหิตตรวจสอบ – นานาชาติ สายรัดข้อมือเพื่อสุขภาพ อุปกรณ์ไอทีสวมใส่

Diggro P1 กีฬาสมาร์ทบลูทูธสร้อยข้อมือความดันโลหิตตรวจสอบ - นานาชาติ   สายรัดข้อมือเพื่อสุขภาพ อุปกรณ์ไอทีสวมใส่

รายละเอียด Diggro P1 กีฬาสมาร์ทบลูทูธสร้อยข้อมือความดันโลหิตตรวจสอบ – นานาชาติ สายรัดข้อมือเพื่อสุขภาพ อุปกรณ์ไอทีสวมใส่

Diggro P1 Smart Sports Bluetooth Bracelet Blood Pressure Heart Rate  Monitor Call Notes: 1. Support System:IOS 8.0 or above, Android 4.3 or above 2. The device green light sensor Automatic light every 5 minutes(for detect and collect sleeping monitor and heart rate date). 3. Storage temperature:  -20℃-70℃ Description: Diggro P1 smart bracelet, you private health helper. The smart bracelet will record your all day activitives, it can measure your real-time heart rate, blood pressure, record walk steps, distance traveled, calories burnt and sleep quality. All these data can sync to your App(H band) and help you analyze. With the device, you don’t need to worry missing calls or message, the device will remind you when the bracelet connect to your phone via Bluetooth connection. Even if your life is busy, remember to focus on your health, love yourself, choose the Diggro P1. Features: 1.Blood Pressure Monitor There are two BP test mode: Normal and Personal. Normal mode is suitable for Generally, and the personal mode is for Specially people(hypertension or hypotension). 2.Heart Rate Monitor Understand physical condition. Adjust the exercise intensity to achieve the effect of exercise. 3.Sleeping Monitor It will automatically recognize your state and monitor your whole sleep process with analyzing your deep sleep time and light sleep hours. 4.Night Turn-wrist Automatic screen light will work during night when you turn on this function. 5. Display Health Parameters This smart wristband can display the time, date, steps, distance and calories clearly. All these let you know your sports data immediately! 6.Sync Sports Data When it paired your smart phone via bluetooth, it will sync your data to Android phone and IOS phone. It gives you a real-time assessment of your exercise throughout the day. (APP: H band) 7.Calls Reminder When you have calls, the smart bracelet will vibrate to remind you and display the call name or number. 8.SMS and Social Notice Reminder When you have SMS or social notice such as Wechat and QQ, the smart bracelet will vibrate and display the content. 9.Alarm Clock Don’t be afraid that your alarm would wake up others because this silent vibration function just wake you up! (Alarm icon will be displayed on the bracelet after switch it ON in the APP.) 10.Sedentary Reminder Bluetooth wristband will remind users to take timely rest to have a relax . 11.Stop Watch The function that you can use to test your speed and record you sports time. 12.Anti-lost When you smart phone is beyond Bluetooth range, the device vibrates to remind you. 13.IP67 Waterproof Sweat proof, rain proof, water drop proof; do not suggest wear it while diving. 14.Wake-up gesture The screen will light when you turn over your wrist. 15.Six colors can be choosed.     Specification:   Basic Information  Brand Diggro Model P1 Color Black Case Material UV-finish Wristband Material Silicone material Host Weight 25g Standby Time 5 days Charging Time About 2 hours Technology Information  CPU Nordic N51822 Bluetooth 4.0 Screen OLED Sensor 3D sensor Water resistant IP67 Battery Li-battery 130mah Products 1 x Smart Bracelet 1 x USB Clip Charger 1 x User Manual
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Diggro P1 กีฬาสมาร์ทบลูทูธสร้อยข้อมือความดันโลหิตตรวจสอบ – นานาชาติ สายรัดข้อมือเพื่อสุขภาพ อุปกรณ์ไอทีสวมใส่ สี : ส้ม-131333553